We Deliver

Our minimum delivery as priced in pricelist is via boom truck and delivered in 10 or 16 cube loads. This is vital to the ability to charge these prices. Without larger quantities, delivery will be not cost effective.

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Delivery Terms and Conditions

Note: Smaller deliveries are available at a quoted price, typically $10/surcharge for every cube under minimum of 10, but STCP will make every effort to combine deliveries to prevent any potential extra charges.

Safely driven and unloaded

Southern Tier Concrete Products (STCP) is responsible for delivery to the curb or in close proximity where the truck can be safely driven and unloaded. Due to safety concerns for the customer, our drivers and equipment, definition of safe delivery of goods is at the sole discretion of the truck driver. Waiting time is billed out at $75/hour.

Deliveries on COD

All orders are shipped C.O.D. unless an account is established in advance. Please call the office if you wish to set up an account. Product will not be delivered without payment, if C.O.D.

Use of blocks

Use of blocks constitutes acceptance of the product and concrete block is not available for return, except under pre-arranged circumstances. Those circumstances are at the sole discretion of STCP and are subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee.

Products that are not on the pricelist

We produce more than 150 different blocks in various custom colors and configurations. Please call the office for any products that are not on the pricelist.